aBoUt the pROjEcT

As time continues to tell her story, we, the inhabitants of the unceded and traditional territories of the Syilx/Okanagan People are painting a picture with our daily activities.  This year we are looking to celebrate our SIGNATURE IN TIME at the Kelowna arts and culture festival!


The 2019 theme, “A Signature in Time” is a reminder that the things we do every day contribute to making this city alive. It is a tribute to living life through time, space and within all its forms and shapes. From the banker to the janitor, the poet, including those we have chosen to call homeless, we all live together in this theatre of life enacting the story of KELOWNA.


Art is the vessel that gives form to our culture. She mirrors our doings, captures our moments and weaves them into the fabric of time.  It is therefore, through the celebration of the arts that we take a moment to seek, understand and appreciate the narratives we have created and are continuing to create by simply being. 

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